1000 CC to HP

1000 CC = 66.6667 HP


Easily convert 1000 cc to hp with our online engine displacement 1000 cc to hp calculator. Enter 1000 cc and click the calculate button.

How to convert 1000 CC to HP?

To convert 1000 cc (cubic centimeters) to hp (horsepower), divide by 15. You get valued power in horsepower.

1000 cc to hp

Example:- if your car engine displacement is 1000 cc, then find power in hp

Horsepower = cubic centimeters / 15

Horsepower = 1000 / 15 = 66.6667 hp

The car engine power is 66.6667 HP

So, a car engine power is 1000 cc is approximately equal to 66.6667 HP.

Formula of 1000 cc to hp

There is no direct formula to convert 1000 CC to HP because it depends on many factors such as engine design, compression ratio, fuel type, and other variables.

you can use a general approximation

  • HP = 1000 CC / 15
  • HP = horsepower
  • CC = Cubic centimeters

1000 CC to HP Table.

1000 cc to hp chart and related values of engine displacement in cubic centimeters.

Cubic centimetersHorsepower
1000 cc66.66667 HP
1000.1 cc66.67333 HP
1000.2 cc66.68000 HP
1000.3 cc66.68667 HP
1000.4 cc66.69333 HP
1000.5 cc66.70000 HP
1000.6 cc66.70667 HP
1000.7 cc66.71333 HP
1000.8 cc66.72000 HP
1000.8 cc66.72667 HP

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