6 Grams to Cups

Easily convert 6 grams to cups with our online 6 grams to cups calculator. Enter weight in 6 grams and select the ingredients then click the calculate button.

For Water :- 6 grams = 0.02536 cups



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How to convert 6 grams to cups?

The conversion from 6 grams to cups depends on the density of the substance, which varies from one substance to another

6 grams to cups

Example:- If 6 grams of sugar and the density of sugar is 0.85 g/ml then convert to cups.

The density of sugar:- 0.85 g/ml

Cups = grams/ (density * 236.588236)

6 g of sugar = 6 / (0.85 * 236.588) = 0.02983 cups

So, 6 grams of sugar is equal to 0.02393 cups.

6 grams to cups formula

  • cups = 6grams / (density * 236.588)
  • grams = Weight of the ingredient
  • density = Density of the ingredients in g/ml

6 grams to cup chart

6 grams to cups chart for different ingredient

6 grams of Water0.02536 cups
6 grams of Flour0.04237 cups
6 grams of Milk0.02468 cups
6 grams of Sugar0.03009 cups
6 grams of Salt0.02089 cups
6 grams of Honey0.01790 cups
6 grams of Butter0.02791 cups
6 grams of Olive oil0.02769 cups
6 grams of Rice (raw)0.02991 cups
6 grams of Oats0.06201 cups
6 grams of Jam0.01912 cups
6 grams of Nutella0.02018 cups
6 grams of Powder sugar0.04540 cups
6 grams of Flaked almonds0.05912 cups
6 grams of Cacoa0.04889 cups
6 grams of Corn starch0.03911 cups
6 grams of Rye flour0.03795 cups

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