84 Grams to Cups

Easily convert 84 grams to cups with our online 84 grams to cups calculator. Enter weight in 84 grams and select the ingredients then click the calculate button.

For Water :- 84 grams = 0.35504 cups



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How to convert 84 grams to cups?

The conversion from 84 grams to cups depends on the density of the substance, which varies from one substance to another

84 grams to cups

Example:- If 84 grams of water and the density of water is 1 g/ml then convert to cups.

The density of water:- 1 g/ml

Cups = grams/ (density * 236.588236)

84 g of water = 84 / (1 * 236.588) = 0.35504 cups

So, 84 grams of water is equal to 0.35504 cups.

84 grams to cups formula

  • cups = 84grams / (density * 236.588)
  • grams = Weight of the ingredient
  • density = Density of the ingredients in g/ml

84 grams to cups chart

84 grams to cup chart for different ingredient

84 grams of Water0.35504 cups
84 grams of Flour0.59322 cups
84 grams of Milk0.34557 cups
84 grams of Sugar0.42122 cups
84 grams of Salt0.29248 cups
84 grams of Honey0.25066 cups
84 grams of Butter0.39070 cups
84 grams of Olive oil0.38772 cups
84 grams of Rice (raw)0.41874 cups
84 grams of Oats0.86813 cups
84 grams of Jam0.26762 cups
84 grams of Nutella0.28249 cups
84 grams of Powder sugar0.63559 cups
84 grams of Flaked almonds0.82775 cups
84 grams of Cacoa0.68449 cups
84 grams of Corn starch0.54759 cups
84 grams of Rye flour0.53124 cups

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