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What is Energy?

Energy is measured as the capacity to do work. It is a scalar quantity having SI unit the same as the work. joule(J)

◉ Energy, in physics, is the property that must be transferred to an object to perform mechanical work on, or to heat, the object. Energy is usually measured in joules or ergs in the International System of Units (SI). Energy is often understood as being converted from some kind of potential energy to kinetic energy, for example in the transfer of an object from rest to motion, known as work, which is itself a kind of energy transfer. Energy can also be transferred between objects and converted into different types of energy, for example it can be transformed into kinetic energy in the explosion of a stick of dynamite. Energy can be transferred between objects or particles by means of the classical fields of

1 Kilojoule(KJ) = 10³ J

◉ Energy can be converted from one form to another, but the total amount of energy in the universe remains the same. Energy is always conserved. Scientists can measure the total amount of energy in a given system, but they can't measure the individual forms of energy. For example, when you burn wood, the heat can be used to boil water, which can be used to produce steam, which can then be used to turn a turbine and generate electricity. But if you burn the exact same piece of wood, you'll get the same amount of heat, but you won't get the same amount of electricity. The energy in the heat and the energy in the steam are the same, but they are in different forms. If you add up all the forms of energy you get the total energy, but you can't add up all the forms to get the energy in a single form. As a result, the energy of each form is called a "component" of the energy. For example, the energy in food is called chemical energy, and the energy in a moving car is called kinetic energy.

Unit of Energy

Unit of energy is jolue(j) and CGS unit is erg but also Kilojoules(Kj), Megajoules(Mj), Calorie(Cal),Kilocalorie(kcal), Megacalorie(Mcal), Watt-hours(Wh), Electron volt(ev), British Thermal Unit(BTU).

List of Energy Units with symbol ✍

Units Symbol
Joules J
Kilojoules KJ
Megajoules MJ
calorie Cal
Kilocalorie Kcal
Megacalorie Mcal
Watt hours Wh
Kilowatt hours kWh
Megawatt hours MWh
Electron volt ev
Erg erg
British Thermal Units BTU

Types of Energy

◉ The energy possessed by a body due to its temperature , is called heat energy

◉ The energy required to maintain the flow of current in an electrical appliance, is called electrical energy.

◉ The energy absorbed or released during a chemical reaction is called electrical energy.

◉ The energy absorbed or released during nuclear fission or nuclear fusion is called nuclear energy.

◉ The energy due to motion is called kinetic energy. (KE = 1 / mv²)

◉ The energy due to position (height and depth)is called potential energy. (PE = mgh)

Law of conservation of Energy

According to the law of conservation, energy can only be transformed from one form to another form, It can neither be created nor be destroyed. e.g., When electrical bulb is on then electrical energy is converted into heat energy and light energy.Total energy of any object is constant, PE + KE = constant.

Mass-Energy Equivalence equation

The mass-energy equivalence is a formula in physics that expresses the concept that mass and energy are related to each other. It states that the mass of an object is a certain quantity of energy. According to Einstein's theory of relativity, mass and energy are related in a simple way. If a small amount of mass is lost, a small amount of energy is lost as well, and if a small amount of energy is gained, a small amount of mass is gained. All of the rest mass of an object can be converted into energy, and vice versa. This means that any object which has mass has an equivalent amount of energy, and any object which is moving has an equivalent amount of mass. The formula says that the total energy of an object is equal to its mass multiplied by the speed of light squared(E = mc²).Where, c = speed of light.

Energy conversion Table ✍

Joule Kilojoule Calorie British Thermal Unit
1 J 0.001 Kj 0.23901 Cal 0.00095 BTU
2 J 0.002 Kj 0.47801 Cal 0.00190 BTU
3 J 0.003 Kj 0.71702 Cal 0.00284 BTU
4 J 0.004 Kj 0.65602 Cal 0.00379 BTU
5 J 0.005 Kj 1.19503 Cal 0.00474 BTU
6 J 0.006 Kj 1.43404 Cal 0.00569 BTU
7 J 0.007 Kj 1.67304 Cal 0.00664 BTU
8 J 0.008 Kj 1.91205 Cal 0.00758 BTU
9 J 0.009 Kj 2.15105 Cal 0.00853 BTU
10 J 0.010 Kj 2.39006 Cal 0.00948 BTU
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