Cube calculator

The cube calculator help in finding the volume, diagonal and surface area.



What is cube

A cube is a regular solid formed by six square faces, six right-angle triangles, and twelve edges. A cube can also be said to be a cuboid, or a rectangular box. The length, width, and height of a cube are equal to the length of its edges, which means that it is a perfectly symmetrical shape. The volume of a cube is equal to the volume of the cube's six faces.

◉ Cube is a 3 dimensional geometric shape. A cube has six square faces, all the same size. The cube is the only regular polyhedron with 6 faces. A cube can be hollow or solid. For example, a cube whose edge is 1 unit long has a volume of 1*1*1=1 cubic units.


Cube formula:-

  • Diagonal of cube = a√3 = side x √3
  • Cube of volume = (side)³ = a³
  • Curved/Lateral Surface Area of cube = 4a² = 4(side)²
  • Total Surface Area of cube = 6a² = 6(side)²

why used cube calculator

◉ Knowing the volume of a box can be quite useful in certain situations. For example, when you're packing for a move. Maybe you need to know how much space is needed for your things in a storage unit or how many boxes you need to pack for a camping trip. Whatever the reason, it's helpful to know that there are several ways to measure the volume of a box. For example, you can measure the volume using the length, width, height, depth or diagonal of the box. The best way to measure the volume of a container is to use the container's dimensions. If you know the dimensions of the box, you can figure out the volume of the box with this calculator.

◉ Cube calculator is a tool that helps you to calculate the volume of a cube . Cube calculator is a tool that helps you to calculate the surface area for a cube, which is the sum of the areas of the six sides of a cube. A cube is a six-sided solid object. It has six sides, all of the same size. If you have a cube, you can find out how much space is inside it. You can also find out how much of the outside surface of the cube is area. Please note that the area of the sides are not included in the surface area of the cube.

cube calculator

How to use this cube calculator ❓

Enter only the side length of a cube in the proper box and then press the "Calculate" key, you will see the volume of the cube calculated in a box to its right with a formula being used. However, if you want to enter a new value for a different volume, first clear the old value out of that box and then enter your new volume.

See here table of Cube value ⭐

cube side(Unit) Diagonal Volume Surface area
1 1.732 1 6
2 3.464 8 24
3 5.196 27 54
4 6.928 64 96
5 8.66 125 150
6 10.392 216 216

How to solve cube problem❓

Example.1:-Cube side = 15 cm , find volume of cube, diagonal of cube and total surface area

Diagonal of cube = a√3 = 25.981 cm

Volume of cube = a³ = 3375 cm³

Curved surface area = 4a² = 900 cm²

Total surface area = 6a² = 1350 cm²

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