Square calculator

The Square calculator help in finding the area, diameter and diagonal of a square.



What is Square

The word square is derived from the Late Latin quadratus, derived from Latin quadrum, which means "square". A square is a rectangle with four equal sides and four right angles. A square is a special case in geometry that is both a rectangle and a rhombus. Squares are important in many fields, including art, architecture, and math. Squares are also important in many games, including chess, checkers, Go, and hopscotch.

The square has equal sides and equal angles, making it a very simple shape compared to the other shapes. Squares are used to build houses, roads, furniture, and other objects. Squares are often found in nature.

square calculator

Square formula:-

  • Area of square = (side)² = a²
  • Diagonal of square = √2 x side = a√2
  • Perimeter of square = 4 x side = 4a meter

How to use this square calculator ❓

Enter only square side value in the proper input field and then click calculate, you see calculate the value in answer box with formula but if you want to enter another value so first clear the entered value then after entering new square side value . 😉

table of square ⭐

side(a) Diagonal Area perimeter
1 1.414 1 4
1.5 2.121 2.250 6
2 2.828 4 8
2.5 3.536 6.250 10
5 7.071 25 20

How to solve Square problem❓

Example.1:-Square side length = 20 cm , find area of Square, Perimeter of Square and Diagonal of Square.

Area of square = (side)² = (20)² = 400 cm²

Diagonal of square = √2 x side = √2 x 20 = 28.284 cm

Perimeter of square = 4 x side = 4 x 20 = 80 cm

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