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ºN = °Ré x 0.41250
Reaumur (°Ré)


Reaumur to Newton (convert °Ré to ºN)

free online Reaumur to Newton conversion tool, you just entered temperature in Reaumur, you will get an answer in Newton temperature scale in the answer box.

◉ The reaumur to newton conversion is simple. First of all, you have to know what the reaumur is. The reaumur is the metric unit for temperature, it is also called the European degree. The reaumur's scale is based on the freezing and boiling points of water. The freezing point of water is zero degrees Reaumur, and the boiling point is 80 degrees Reaumur. The newton is a non-SI unit for measuring force, named after Sir Isaac Newton. Newton's second law of motion states that a force of one newton will accelerate an object with a mass of one kilogram at a rate of one meter per second squared.

Reaumur to Newton formula ⭐

  • ºN = °Ré x 0.41250
  • ºR = Reaumur temperature scale
  • ºN = Newton temperature scale

How to convert from Reaumur to Newton temperature scale ❓

Example.1:-Reaumur = 120°Ré , Newton = ?

solve:-ºN = °Ré x 0.41250

ºN = 120 x 0.41250

ºN = 49.50

∴ 120 Reaumur (°Ré ) = 49.50 Newton (ºN)

✍Reaumur to Newton Temperature Table

Reaumur Newton Description
-100 °Ré -41.25 ºN
-50 °Ré -20.6250 ºN
0 °Ré 0 ºN Freezing of water
1 °Ré 0.4125 ºN
5 °Ré 2.0625 ºN
10 °Ré 4.1250 ºN
20 °Ré 8.2500 ºN
21.6 °Ré 8.9100 ºN Normal temperature of the room
25 °Ré 10.3125 ºN
29 °Ré 11.9625 ºN
29.6 °Ré 12.2100 ºN Normal temperature of the human
30 °Ré 12.3750 ºN
40 °Ré 16.50 ºN
50 °Ré 20.6250 ºN
60 °Ré 24.75 ºN
70 °Ré 28.8750 ºN
80 °Ré 33.00 ºN Boiling point of the water
90 °Ré 37.1250 ºN
100 °Ré 41.25 ºN
500 °Ré 206.25 ºN
Reaumur to newton conversion (convert °Ré to ºN)

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