Angle Conversion

Angle conversion calculator will also calculate the equivalent angle in another unit. if you enter the angle in the form of a deg then convert rad and grad.


Units of angle?

Angle units are degrees (°), radian (rad), minute of arc (arcminute, arcmin’s), second of arc (arcsecond, arcsec), and gradians (grad or gon)

Angle conversion table

1 deg0.01745 rad1.11111 grad
2 deg0.03491 rad2.22222 grad
3 deg0.05236 rad3.33333 grad
4 deg0.06981 rad4.44444 grad
5 deg0.08726 rad5.55555 grad
6 deg0.10472 rad6.66666 grad
7 deg0.12217 rad7.77777 grad
8 deg0.13962 rad8.88888 grad
9 deg0.15708 rad9.99999 grad
10 deg0.17453 rad11.11110 grad
20 deg0.34906 rad22.22220 grad
21 deg0.36651 rad23.33331 grad
22 deg0.38397 rad24.44442 grad
23 deg0.40142 rad25.55553 grad
24 deg0.41887 rad26.66664 grad
25 deg0.43633 rad27.77775 grad
26 deg0.45378 rad28.88886 grad
27 deg0.47123 rad29.99997 grad
28 deg0.48868 rad31.11108 grad
29 deg0.50614 rad32.22219 grad
30 deg0.52359 rad33.33330 grad
40 deg0.69812 rad44.44440 grad
50 deg0.87265 rad55.55550 grad
60 deg1.04718 rad66.66660 grad
70 deg1.22171 rad77.77770 grad
80 deg1.39624 rad88.88880 grad
90 deg1.57077 rad99.99990 grad
100 deg1.74530 rad111.11100 grad
110 deg1.91983 rad122.22210 grad
120 deg2.09436 rad133.33320 grad
130 deg2.26889 rad144.44430 grad
140 deg2.44342 rad155.55540 grad
150 deg2.61795 rad166.66650 grad
160 deg2.79248 rad177.77760 grad
170 deg2.96701 rad188.88870 grad
180 deg3.14154 rad199.99980 grad
190 deg3.31607 rad211.11090 grad
200 deg3.49060 rad222.22200 grad