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Do you want to convert speed? We have speed conversion for miles per hour(MPH), kilometers per hour(KPH), nautical miles per hour and knots per hour.


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What is speed?

Speed is a measure of distance travelled per unit of time. Speed has units of meters per second for distance in a straight line. Speed has the same dimension as speed, and has the same unit as distance divided by time, so one can also be measured in terms of the other. The average speed of an object is the distance travelled per unit time. Speed can be thought of as the rate of change of position with respect to time.

Unit of speed

SI unit of speed is meter per second (m/s) but many other unit miles per hour, Kilometer per hour, Feet per Hour, Feet per second, Centimeter per second, Centimeter per hour, Kilometer per hour, Knots, Mach, Centimeter per second, Centimeter per minute.

What is knots

A knot is a unit of speed equal to one nautical mile per hour, approximately 1.151 mph. The international standard symbol for knot is kn, which is also the SI symbol for the cask (or hogshead) of wine. The term “knot” is also used to refer to some lengths other than the nautical mile.

What is mach

Mach is a unit used to measure the speed of sound. It is named after the Austrian physicist Ernst Mach. The speed of sound varies depending on the medium through which it travels. In dry air at 20 °C (68 °F), the speed of sound is approximately 343.2 m/s (7687 ft/s). In water, it is about 4,000 m/s (9,800 ft/s). In solids, the speed of sound is slower than in air, and varies with the square of the atomic number of the material. The speed of sound in a gas is only slightly dependent on temperature, increasing by about 0.6 m/s for each degree Celsius increase in temperature.

Speed Conversion Chart 

1 m/s2.236 mi/h3.6 km/h1.943 knots0.002915 Mach
2 m/s4.473 mi/h7.2 km/h3.887 knots0.00583 Mach
3 m/s6.710 mi/h10.8 km/h5.831 knots0.00874 Mach
4 m/s8.947 mi/h14.4 km/h7.775 knots0.01166 Mach
5 m/s11.184 mi/h18 km/h9.719 knots0.01457 Mach
6 m/s13.421 mi/h21.6 km/h11.663 knots0.01749 Mach
7 m/s15.658 mi/h25.2 km/h13.606 knots0.020405 Mach
8 m/s17.895 mi/h28.8 km/h15.550 knots0.02332 Mach
9 m/s20.132 mi/h32.4 km/h17.494 knots0.026235 Mach
10 m/s22.369 mi/h36 km/h19.438 knots0.02915 Mach
11 m/s24.606 mi/h39.6 km/h21.382 knots0.032065 Mach
12 m/s26.843 mi/h43.2 km/h23.326 knots0.03498 Mach
13 m/s29.080 mi/h46.8 km/h25.269 knots0.037895 Mach
14 m/s31.317 mi/h50.4 km/h27.213 knots0.04081 Mach
15 m/s33.554 mi/h54 km/h29.157 knots0.043725 Mach
16 m/s35.790 mi/h57.6 km/h31.101 knots0.04664 Mach
17 m/s38.027 mi/h61.2 km/h33.045 knots0.049555 Mach
18 m/s40.264 mi/h64.8 km/h34.989 knots0.05247 Mach
19 m/s42.5017 mi/h68.4 km/h36.933 knots0.055385 Mach
20 m/s44.738 mi/h72 km/h38.876 knots0.05830 Mach
30 m/s67.108 mi/h108 km/h58.315 knots0.08745 Mach
40 m/s89.477 mi/h144 km/h77.753 knots0.011660 Mach
50 m/s111.846 mi/h180 km/h97.192 knots0.014575 Mach
60 m/s134.216 mi/h216 km/h116.630 knots0.01749 Mach
70 m/s156.585 mi/h252 km/h136.069 knots0.20405 Mach
80 m/s178.954 mi/h288 km/h155.507 knots0.23320 Mach
90 m/s201.324 mi/h324 km/h174.945 knots0.26235 Mach
100 m/s223.693 mi/h364 km/h194.384 knots0.2915 Mach