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Free online audiobook speed calculator- Find the perfect playback speed for your favourite books, enhancing comprehension and saving time.

What is an Audiobook Speed Calculator?

Most audiobook apps and players allow users to change the playback speed. This feature is handy when trying to fit more reading into a limited amount of time or enhancing comprehension by slowing things down. To calculate your perfect speed That’s where the audiobook speed calculator comes in.

Audiobook speed formula

AT = TT / PS

  • AT = Adjusted time
  • TT = Total Time duration
  • PS = Playback speed

How to calculate audiobook speed?

Example:-If you want to listen to an audiobook of 5 hours in 4 hours, then how much playback speed is required?

Playback speed = Audiobook length / Adjusted time = 5 hrs / 4 hrs = 1.25

Playback speed required = 1.25

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