Inches per second Calculator

Calculate the speed in inches per second (in/s) with our easy-to-use Inches per Second Calculator. Enter the distance and time to get instant results

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Inches per second calculator

the distance measured in inches by the time taken in seconds to determine the speed in inches per second.

Inches per second = D(inches) / T (second)

  • D(inches) = Distance in inches
  • T(second) = Time in seconds

How to Calculate inches per second?

First distance converts into inches units and time converts into seconds (if time is in minutes then convert into seconds and multiply by 60) then distance is divided by the time you will get inches per second.

Example:- the speed of an object that traveled 50 inches in 4 minutes then calculate inches per second

Given, distance = 50 inches

Time = 40 minute = 4 * 60 = 240 seconds

Inches per second = 50 inches / 240 seconds = 0.208 in/s

therefore, the speed of the object would be 0.208 inches per second.


What is 1 inch per second?

1 inch per second is a unit of speed that is equal to the distance of 1 inch traveled in 1 second. It is a non-SI unit of speed
1 inch per second is equivalent to:
0.0254 meters per second
0.083 feet per second
0.05681 miles per hour
0.0914 kilometers per hour

Is inches per second an SI unit?

inch per second is a non-SI unit of speed

How to use inches per second calculator?

First of all, you can by entering different units separately for the distance and secondly you can enter the time. then click calculate button you get speed in inches per second

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