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Miles per hour formula

The formula for calculating miles per hour (mph) is:

MPH = D(miles) / T(hour)

  • MPH = Miles per hour
  • D = Distance in miles
  • T = Time in hour

By dividing the distance travelled by the time taken, you get the speed in miles per hour.

How to calculate miles per hour?

To calculate miles per hour (mph), you need two pieces of information: the distance travelled in miles and the time taken in hours.

Sarah is driving from her home to a nearby town. She travels a distance of 150 miles and takes 3 hours to reach the town. Calculate her average speed in miles per hour (mph).

To calculate her average speed (mph), we use the formula:

mph = distance (in miles)/time (in hours)

Distance = 150 miles, Time = 3 hours

Now, we put the values into the formula:

mph = 150 miles / 3 hours = 50 miles per hour (mi/h)

So, Sarah’s average speed during the trip was 50 miles per hour (mph).

Miles per hour Table

mph to other speed units (m/s, km/h and ft/s) conversion chart table.

1 mph0.44704 m/s1.60934 km/h1.4666 ft/s
2 mph0.89408 m/s3.218688 km/h2.9333 ft/s
3 mph1.34112 m/s4.828032 km/h4.4 ft/s
4 mph1.78816 m/s6.437376 km/h5.8666 ft/s
5 mph2.2352 m/s8.04672 km/h7.3333 ft/s
6 mph2.68224 m/s9.656064 km/h8.8 ft/s
7 mph3.12928 m/s11.265408 km/h10.2666 ft/s
8 mph3.57632 m/s12.874752 km/h11.73333 ft/s
9 mph4.02336 m/s14.484096 km/h13.2000 ft/s
10 mph4.4704 m/s16.09344 km/h14.6666 ft/s

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