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Free online speed calculator – calculate the speed of an object based on the distance travelled and the time taken to travel that distance

What is speed?

The time rate of change of position of the object in any direction is called the speed of the object, typically metres per second, kilometres per hour or miles per hour.

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◉ The SI unit of speed is ms-1 but sometimes the speed of an object is expressed in Km/hr.

◉ The dimensional formula of speed is [M° L T-1].

◉ Speed is a scalar quantity i.e., it has magnitude only but no direction.

◉ The speed of an object can be positive or zero but not negative.

Speed formula

you can use the following formula

Speed(v) = Distance travelled (s) / Time taken (t)

How to use a speed calculator?

Enter the distance in meters into the input box, and then enter time second by second into another input box. Once those are both filled in, click on the calculate button to get the speed value in the answer box.

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