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What is a force?

Force is a vector quantity, meaning that it has a magnitude and a direction. The direction of a force is the line from the point of application of the force to the point where the force is being applied.

force diagram

Force formula

The force is equal to mass and multiplied by the acceleration of a body

  • f = ma
  • f = force on body (unit = Newton)
  • m = Mass of a body (unit – kilogram)
  • a = Acceleration of the body (a = meter per second square)

The SI unit is Newton & CGS unit is Dyne.

How to calculate force?

To calculate force, you need to know two variables: mass and acceleration. Force (F) can be calculated using Newton’s second law of motion, which states that the force acting on an object is equal to the mass of the object multiplied by its acceleration.

Here are the steps to calculate force:

  1. Determine the mass of the object for which you want to calculate the force.
  2. Determine the acceleration of the object. Acceleration refers to the rate at which the object’s velocity changes over time.
  3. Once you have the values for mass (m) and acceleration (a), put values into the formula:
  4. F = m * a
  5. The result will be the force (F) acting on the object.

Solved Example

Example: A car with a mass of 1200 kilograms accelerates from rest to a speed of 25 meters per second in 10 seconds. What is the force exerted by the car?

Solution: Given: Mass of the car (m) = 1200 kg

Acceleration (a) = (final velocity – initial velocity) / time = (25 m/s – 0 m/s) / 10 s = 2.5 m/s²

We can now use the formula for force:

F = m * a

Substituting the known values: F = 1200 kg * 2.5 m/s²

Calculating the product: F = 3000 N

Therefore, the force exerted by the car is 3000 Newtons.

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