Force Calculator

Force calculator for multiple units. Calculate force, mass and acceleration. Works with different units like lb, kg, g, N, lbf, N, kgf, kg, m/s2, N/m.

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What is force

When any action(pull or push) which the body moves forward or backwards is called a force

Force is a vector quantity, meaning that it has a magnitude and a direction. The direction of a force is the line from the point of application of the force to the point where the force is being applied. If a force is applied on a body, a force of equal magnitude and opposite direction acts on the body. The direction of the force on a body is called the reaction.

A force can produce an effect on this:

  • 1. It can change the state of rest or motion.
  • 2. force can stop a moving body.
  • 3. it can increase or decrease the speed of a body.
  • 4. Force changes the shape and size of a body, when force is balanced.
  • 5. It can change the direction of the motion of a moving body.

Force is an agent that produces acceleration.

Newton second law gives us the relation between force, mass and acceleration.

Force formula:-

  • f = ma
  • f = force
  • m = Mass of body
  • a = Acceleration of body

SI unit is newton & CGS unit is dyne.

  • 1 newton = 1 kg/m²
  • 1 newton = 100000 dyne
  • 1 newton = 0.001 Kilonewton(KN)
  • 1 newton = 7.233 Poundal(pdl)