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Calculate net force easily with our online Net Force Calculator. Determine the overall force acting on an object by considering both magnitude and direction.

What is net force?

Net force refers to the overall or resultant force acting on an object. It is the vector sum of all the forces applied to an object, taking into account both their magnitudes and directions.

Net Force formula

The formula for calculating the net force acting on an object is:

Net Force (F_net) = Σ (Sum of all individual forces)

Mathematically, if there are N individual forces (F1, F2, F3, …, FN) acting on an object, the net force can be calculated as:

F_net = F1 + F2 + F3 + … + FN

Remember to consider the direction of each force (+ or -) when calculating the net force.

How to calculate net force?

To calculate the net force acting on an object, you need to follow these steps:

identify all the individual forces acting on the object: Determine the magnitudes and directions of each force that is applied to the object.

net force diagram

F1 = f1cosθ1 + f1sinθ1 , F2 = f2cosθ2 + f2sinθ2

  1. Add all x-component = Fx = f1cosθ + f2cosθ2
  2. Add all y-compenent = Fy = f1sinθ1 + f2sinθ2
  3. Calculate Net Force (Fnet) = √ (Fx² + Fy²)

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