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Kinetic Energy:

Calculate kinetic energy instantly with our user-friendly Kinetic Energy Calculator. Enter the mass and velocity of an object, and calculate its kinetic energy with just a click calculate button.

Kinetic Energy Formula

The formula for kinetic energy is:

KE = 1/2 * m * v²

  • KE = Kinetic energy of an object (unit – joules, kJ, c, btu, erg, ev)
  • m = mass of an object (unit- kilogram, g, lbs, oz)
  • v = velocity of an object ( unit – m/s, km/h)

How to calculate kinetic energy?

To calculate kinetic energy, Here are the steps to calculate KE:

  1. Determine the mass of the object
  2. Measure or calculate the velocity of the object
  3. Square the velocity by multiplying it by itself.
  4. Multiply the squared velocity by half of the mass.

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Solved Example

For example – if a car with a mass of 230 kg is moving at a velocity of 20 m/s, then calculate the kinetic energy of the car.

Given values,

Mass of car = 230 kilogram (kg)

The velocity of the car = 20 meters per second (m/s)

Kinetic energy of car = 1/2 *m *v² = 1/2 *230 *20² = 46000 joules

What is kinetic energy?

The kinetic energy of an object is the energy that the object has due to its motion.KE is a scalar quantity, it has magnitude but not direction.

The SI unit of kinetic energy is the joule (J).

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