Gravitational potential energy calculator

Potenital Energy:

Free online Gravitational potential energy – Calculate potential energy effortlessly with our online calculator. Determine the energy stored in an object based on its mass, height, and gravitational acceleration.

Gravitational potential energy formula

The formula for finding the energy of an object due to its height

GPE = m * g* h

  • GPE = gravitational potential energy
  • m = Mass of the object
  • g = Acceleration due to gravity (approximately 9.8 m/s² near the Earth’s surface)
  • h = Height or vertical distance of the object from a reference point (such as the ground or a chosen zero level)

How to calculate the gravitational potential energy

To calculate gravitational potential energy,

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to calculate gravitational potential energy:

  1. Determine the mass of the object (m) – units kg
  2. Determine the height or vertical distance (h) of the object from a reference point and Make sure the height is measured vertically and relative to the chosen reference point.
  3. Determine the acceleration due to gravity (g). Near the surface of the Earth, the standard value is approximately 9.8 m/s²
  4. Plug in the values into the formula: PE = m * g * h. Multiply the mass (m) by the acceleration due to gravity (g), and then multiply the result by the height (h).
  5. Perform the calculations to find the gravitational potential energy (PE). The resulting unit for gravitational potential energy is joules (J).

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