PSF to PSI Calculator


PSF to PSI Calculator – Easily convert pressure from pounds per square foot (psf) to pounds per square inch (psi). Input your values and then click calculate.

PSF to PSI Formula

The formula for converting psf (pounds per square foot) to psi (pounds per square inch).

PSI = PSF / 144

  • PSI = Pounds per square inch
  • PSF = Pounds per square foot

How to convert psf to psi?

To convert psf to psi, divide the value in psf by 144

Example:- Let’s say you have a value of 701.3 psf that you want to convert to psi.

psi = psf / 144 = 701.3 / 144 = 4.8701

701.3 psf is equal to 4.8701 psi

PSF to PSI Table

1 psf0.006944 psi2 psf0.013888 psi
3 psf0.020833 psi4 psf0.027777 psi
5 psf0.034722 psi6 psf0.041666 psi
7 psf0.048611 psi8 psf0.055555 psi
9 psf0.0625 psi10 psf0.069444 psi
11 psf0.076388 psi12 psf0.083333 psi
13 psf0.090277 psi14 psf0.097222 psi
15 psf0.10416 psi16 psf0.11111 psi
17 psf0.118055 psi18 psf0.125 psi
19 psf0.131944 psi20 psf0.13888 psi
21 psf0.145833 psi22 psf0.152777 psi
23 psf0.15972 psi24 psf0.16666 psi
25 psf0.17361 psi26 psf0.18055 psi
27 psf0.1875 psi28 psf0.194444 psi
29 psf0.20138 psi30 psf0.208333 psi
31 psf0.215277 psi32 psf0.22222 psi
33 psf0.22916 psi34 psf0.23611 psi
35 psf0.243055 psi36 psf0.25 psi
37 psf0.25694 psi38 psf0.263888 psi
39 psf0.270833 psi40 psf0.27777 psi
41 psf0.28472 psi42 psf0.29166 psi
43 psf0.298611 psi44 psf0.30555 psi
45 psf0.3125 psi46 psf0.31944 psi
47 psf0.32638 psi48 psf 0.33333 psi
49 psf0.340277 psi50 psf0.34722 psi

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