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Calculate the equivalent pounds per square foot (psf) measurement effortlessly with our convenient PSF Conversion Calculator. Convert various units of pressure, such as pascals, atmospheres, and more

Pound per square foot:


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What is psf (pound per square foot)?

It measures the amount of pressure or weight exerted on a given area. In other words, it is the force applied per square foot of surface area.

In pressure, PSF refers to the force applied to a given area. For example, if a 100-pound force is distributed evenly over a surface area of 10 square feet, the pressure would be 10 pounds per square foot (100 pounds ÷ 10 square feet = 10 PSF).

Formula of psf conversion

  1. pound per square inch = psf / 144
  2. Pascal = psf * 6894.757
  3. bar = psf * 0.0004788016
  4. atmospheres = psf * 0.0004730446
  5. torr = psf * 0.359131

Psf conversion table

1 psf0.006947.880.0004790.0004730.36
2 psf0.013995.760.0009580.0009450.72
3 psf0.0208143.640.0014360.0014181.08
4 psf0.0278191.520.0019150.0018901.44
5 psf0.0347239.400.0023940.0023631.80
6 psf0.0417287.280.0028730.0028352.15
7 psf0.0486335.160.0033520.0033082.51
8 psf0.0556383.040.0038300.0037802.87
9 psf0.0625430.920.0043090.0042533.23
10 psf0.0694478.800.0047880.0047253.59