PSI to PSF Calculator

PSI to PSF Calculator  – Easily convert pressure from pounds per square inch (psi) to pounds per square foot (psf). Input your values and then click calculate.



What is psi to psf conversion calculator?

The psi to psf conversion calculator is a tool that allows you to convert a value in psi to psf. psi is a unit of pressure and stands for pounds per square inch. psf is a unit of pressure and stands for pounds per square foot. The calculator will take a value in psi and convert it to psf.

Formula of Psi to Psf conversion

The formula for converting psi (pounds per square inch) to psf (pounds per square foot)

  • PSF = PSI x 144
  • PSI = pounds per square inch
  • PSF = pounds per square foot

How to Convert PSI to PSF

to convert psi to psf, you simply multiply the psi value by 144.

Example:- How much is 6.76 psi to psf?

PSF = PSI x 144

Pounds per square foot = Pounds per square inch x 144 = 6.76 * 144 = 973.439 psf

6.76 psi = 973.439 psf

PSI to PSF Conversion Table.

PSI to PSF Table 1 – 2

1.0 psi144 psf2.0 psi288 psf
1.1 psi158.4 psf2.1 psi302.4 psf
1.2 psi172.8 psf2.2 psi316.8 psf
1.3 psi187.2 psf2.3 psi331.2 psf
1.4 psi201.6 psf2.4 psi345.6 psf
1.5 psi216 psf2.5 psi360 psf
1.6 psi230.4 psf2.6 psi374.4 psf
1.7 psi244.8 psf2.7 psi388.8 psf
1.8 psi259.2 psf2.8 psi403.2 psf
1.9 psi273.6 psf2.9 psi417.6 psf

PSI to PSF Table 2 – 3

3.0 psi432 psf4.0 psi576 psf
3.1 psi446.4 psf4.1 psi590.4 psf
3.2 psi460.8 psf4.2 psi604.8 psf
3.3 psi475.2 psf4.3 psi619.2 psf
3.4 psi489.6 psf4.4 psi633.6 psf
3.5 psi504 psf4.5 psi648 psf
3.6 psi518.4 psf4.6 psi662.4 psf
3.7 psi532.8 psf4.7 psi676.8 psf
3.8 psi547.2 psf4.8 psi691.2 psf
3.9 psi561.6 psf4.9 psi705.6 psf


  1. how many psf is 1 psi?

    1 PSI is equal to 144 PSF (1 x 144 = 144).

  2. Is Psi and PSF Pressure Unit?

    yes, PSI (pounds per square inch) and PSF (pounds per square foot) are both units of pressure

  3. How much is 2400 psi?

    To convert 2400 psi to other units of pressure, we can use conversion factors. For example:
    2400 psi = 16547.4 kPa (kilopascals)
    2400 psi = 168.2 atmospheres (atm)
    2400 psi = 163.8 bar (bars)
    2400 psi = 352800 poundal per square foot (poundals/ft^2)
    2400 psi = 345600 psf

How to use this calculator?

psi to psf calculator is a simple online tool that allows you to convert psi to psf easily and quickly. All you need to do is enter the desired value in psi and then click on the Convert button. also convert psf to psi.