PSI to PSF Calculator


PSI to PSF Calculator  – Easily convert pressure from pounds per square inch (psi) to pounds per square foot (psf). Input your values and then click calculate.

Formula of Psi to Psf conversion

The formula for converting psi (pounds per square inch) to psf (pounds per square foot)

  • PSF = PSI x 144
  • PSI = pounds per square inch
  • PSF = pounds per square foot

How to Convert PSI to PSF

to convert psi to psf, you simply multiply the psi value by 144.

Example:- How much is 6.76 psi to psf?

PSF = PSI x 144

Pounds per square foot = Pounds per square inch x 144 = 6.76 * 144 = 973.439 psf

6.76 psi = 973.439 psf

PSI to PSF Conversion Table.

PSI to PSF Table 1 – 2

1.0 psi144 psf2.0 psi288 psf
1.1 psi158.4 psf2.1 psi302.4 psf
1.2 psi172.8 psf2.2 psi316.8 psf
1.3 psi187.2 psf2.3 psi331.2 psf
1.4 psi201.6 psf2.4 psi345.6 psf
1.5 psi216 psf2.5 psi360 psf
1.6 psi230.4 psf2.6 psi374.4 psf
1.7 psi244.8 psf2.7 psi388.8 psf
1.8 psi259.2 psf2.8 psi403.2 psf
1.9 psi273.6 psf2.9 psi417.6 psf

PSI to PSF Table 3-4

3.0 psi432 psf4.0 psi576 psf
3.1 psi446.4 psf4.1 psi590.4 psf
3.2 psi460.8 psf4.2 psi604.8 psf
3.3 psi475.2 psf4.3 psi619.2 psf
3.4 psi489.6 psf4.4 psi633.6 psf
3.5 psi504 psf4.5 psi648 psf
3.6 psi518.4 psf4.6 psi662.4 psf
3.7 psi532.8 psf4.7 psi676.8 psf
3.8 psi547.2 psf4.8 psi691.2 psf
3.9 psi561.6 psf4.9 psi705.6 psf

PSI to PSF Table 5 – 50

5 psi720 psf6 psi864 psf
7 psi1008 psf8 psi1152 psf
9 psi1296 psf10 psi1440 psf
11 psi1584 psf12 psi1728 psf
13 psi1872 psf14 psi2016 psf
15 psi2160 psf16 psi2304 psf
17 psi2448 psf18 psi2592 psf
19 psi2736 psf20 psi2880 psf
21 psi3024 psf22 psi3168 psf
23 psi3312 psf24 psi3456 psf
25 psi3600 psf26 psi3744 psf
27 psi3888 psf28 psi4032 psf
29 psi4176 psf30 psi4320 psf
31 psi4464 psf32 psi4608 psf
33 psi4752 psf34 psi4896 psf
35 psi5040 psf36 psi5184 psf
37 psi5328 psf38 psi5472 psf
39 psi5616 psf40 psi5760 psf
41 psi5904 psf42 psi6048 psf
43 psi6192 psf44 psi6336 psf
45 psi6480 psf46 psi6624 psf
47 psi6768 psf48 psi6912 psf
49 psi7056 psf50 psi7200 psf


how many psf is 1 psi?

1 PSI is equal to 144 PSF.

Is Psi and PSF Pressure Unit?

yes, PSI (pounds per square inch) and PSF (pounds per square foot) are both units of pressure

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