Psf to kPa calculator


Convert pounds per square foot(psf) to kilopascals (kPa) using psf to kpa calculator. simply enter the value in psf and then click the calculate button.

psf to kPa formula

The formula for converting pounds per square foot(psf) to kilopascals(kPa) is:

kPa = psf / 20.88543

  • psf = pressure in pounds per square foot
  • kpa = pressure in kilopascals
  • 20.88543 is the conversion factor from kpa to psf

How to convert psf to kPa?

To convert a specific value from psf to kPa, simply divide the value in psf by 20.88543

For example: if you have a pressure of 250 psf and want to convert it to kPa:

Pressure in Kpa = 250 psf / 20.88543 = 11.97006 kpa.

So, 250 psf is equivalent to 11.97006 kPa.

psf to kPa table.

pounds per square footkilopascals
1 psf0.04788 kPa
2 psf0.09576 kPa
3 psf0.14364 kPa
4 psf0.19152 kPa
5 psf0.23940 kPa
6 psf0.28728 kPa
7 psf0.33516 kPa
8 psf0.38304 kPa
9 psf0.43092 kPa
10 psf0.47880 kPa
20 psf0.95761 kPa
30 psf1.43641 kPa
40 psf1.91521 kPa
50 psf2.39401 kPa
60 psf2.87282 kPa
70 psf3.35162 kPa
80 psf3.83042 kPa
90 psf4.30922 kPa
100 psf4.78803 kPa
150 psf7.18204 kPa
200 psf9.57605 kPa

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