kpa to psf calculator


Convert kilopascals (kPa) to pounds per square foot (psf) using an online kpa to psf calculator. Simply enter the value in kPa then click the calculate button.

kpa to psf formula

The formula for converting kilopascals (kPa) to pounds per square foot (psf) is:

psf = kpa * 20.88543

  • psf = pressure in pounds per square foot
  • kpa = pressure in kilopascals
  • 20.88543 is the conversion factor from kpa to psf

How to convert kpa to psf

To convert a specific value from kPa to psf, simply multiply the value in kPa by 20.88543

For example: if you have a pressure of 100 kPa and want to convert it to psf:

Pressure in psf = 1000 kPa * 20.88543 = 20885.43427 psf

So, 1000 kPa is equivalent to 20885.43427 psf.

kpa to psf table

kilopascalspounds per square foot
1 kpa20.88543 psf
2 kpa41.77087 psf
3 kpa62.65630 psf
4 kpa83.54174 psf
5 kpa104.42717 psf
6 kpa125.31261 psf
7 kpa146.19804 psf
8 kpa167.08347 psf
9 kpa187.96891 psf
10 kpa208.85434 psf
15 kpa313.28151 psf
20 kpa417.70869 psf
25 kpa522.13586 psf
30 kpa626.56303 psf
35 kpa730.99020 psf
40 kpa835.41737 psf
45 kpa939.84454 psf
50 kpa1044.27171 psf
55 kpa1148.69889 psf
60 kpa1253.12606 psf
65 kpa1357.55323 psf
70 kpa1461.98040 psf
75 kpa1566.40757 psf
80 kpa1670.83474 psf
85 kpa1775.26191 psf
90 kpa1879.68908 psf
95 kpa1984.11626 psf
100 kpa2088.54343 psf
500 kpa10442.71714 psf

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