Sidewalk Temperature Calculator

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Sidewalk Temperature:

What is sidewalk temperature?

Sidewalk temperature refers to the temperature of the surface or pavement of the sidewalk.

It’s a measurement of how cold or hot the sidewalk feels contact and is typically influenced by the temperature of the surrounding air as well as the exposure to sunlight and the construction of the sidewalk.

The sidewalks of the streets can absorb and hold heat, particularly in hot or sunny conditions which makes them more hot than the surrounding temperature of the air.

It is essential to consider it when deciding on the safety and comfort of pedestrians, particularly during extremely cold weather.

Formula of sidewalk temperature

ST = AT + 25

  • ST is the estimated sidewalk temperature in degrees Fahrenheit
  • AT is the air temperature in degrees Fahrenheit


Question:- If the air temperature is 73 degrees Fahrenheit, then calculate the estimated sidewalk temperature.

Air temperature = 80 F

Sidewalk temperature = air temperature + 25 = 73 + 25 = 98F

sidewalk temperature would be 98 degrees Fahrenheit.