Celsius to Kelvin Converter

Celsius to Kelvin Converter (ºC to K)? Enter your temperatures in Celsius and get the temperature in Kelvin or simply used this formula (ºC + 273.15).



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Celsius to Kelvin Conversion

Conversion of the Celsius temperature scale to the Kelvin temperature scale, simply add 273.15 to Celsius Scale. For example, to convert 400 degrees Celsius to Kelvin, you can simply add 273.15 to 400 degrees Celsius, 27.15 + 400 = 673.15, The answer is that 400 Celsius is equal to 673.15 Kelvin.

Celsius and Kelvin are two temperature scales. Both scales use the same degree intervals, but they differ in their starting points and in the magnitudes of their increments, so Celsius to Kelvin convert is easy.

Formula of Celsius to Kelvin Converter

  • K = ºC + 273.15
  • K = Kelvin Temperature scale
  • ºC = Celsius Temperature Scale

Celsius vs Kelvin Scales.

-273.15 ºC0 KAbsolute zero temperature
0 ºC273.15 KFreezing Point of water
27 ºC300.15 KNormal temperature of the room
37 ºC310.15 KNormal temperature of the human
100 ºC373.15 KBoiling point of the water

Relation between celsius and Kelvin scale temperature.

C/5 = (K – 273) / 5

How to convert Celsius to kelvin

Example.1:-How to convert 10 degrees celsius to Kelvin?

solution:-step by step solve Celsius to Kelvin.

Step 1:- K = ºC + 273.15

Step 2:- K = 10 + 273.15 = 283.15

Step 3:- 10 celsius (°C) = 283.15 Kelvin (K)

10 degrees celsius is equal to 283.15 Kelvin Scales.

Example.2:-0 degrees Celsius is what in Kelvin?

solution:-step by step solve celsius to Kelvin.

Step 1:- K = ºC + 273.15

Step 2:- K = 0 + 273.15 = 273.15

Step 3:- 0 celsius (°C) = 273.15 Kelvin (K)

0 degree celsius is equal to 273.15 Kelvin Scales.

Celsius to Kelvin Table/chart.

Celsius Scale (ºC)Kelvin Scale (K)
-50 ºC223.15 K
-40 ºC233.15 K
-30 ºC243.15 K
-20 ºC253.15 K
-10 ºC263.15 K
1 ºC274.15 K
2 ºC275.15 K
3 ºC276.15 K
4 ºC277.15 K
5 ºC278.15 K
6 ºC279.15 K
7 ºC280.15 K
8 ºC281.15 K
9 ºC282.15 K
10 ºC283.15 K
11 ºC284.15 K
12 ºC285.15 K
13 ºC286.15 K
14 ºC287.15 K
15 ºC288.15 K
16 ºC289.15 K
17 ºC290.15 K
18 ºC291.15 K
19 ºC292.15 K
20 ºC293.15 K
25 ºC298.15 K
30 ºC303.15 K
35 ºC305.15 K
35 ºC308.15 K
40 ºC313.15 K
45 ºC315.15 K
50 ºC323.15 K
55 ºC328.15 K
60 ºC333.15 K
65 ºC338.15 K
70 ºC343.15 K
75 ºC348.15 K
80 ºC353.15 K
85 ºC358.15 K
90 ºC363.15 K
95 ºC368.15 K

How to use this Celsius to Kelvin conversion calculator?

The temperature converter celsius to Kelvin requires a celsius temperature to be entered into the proper input field. Once the proper value is entered, click on the button and you will be able to see the kelvin temperature Scale in the answer box.

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