Celsius to Newton Converter

Celsius to Newton Converter (ºC to ºN)? Enter your temperatures in Celsius and get the temperature in Newton or simply used this formula (ºN = ºC x 0.33).



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Celsius to Newton conversion?

To convert Celsius to Newton temperature scale, simply multiply by 0.3300 in Celsius scale then you get Celsius in Newton Scale, For example, to convert 310 degrees Celsius to Newton, you can simply multiply by 0.3300 in 310 degrees celsius, 0.3300 x 310 = 102.300, the answer is that 310 celsius is equal to 102.300 Newton Scale.

Newton temperature scale

The newton temperature scale is used for measuring low temperatures. It was originally conceived in 1948 by the physicist Thomas newton.

Formula of Celsius to Newton Conversion

  • ºN = ºC x 0.3300
  • ºN = Newton Temperature Scale
  • ºC = Celsius Temperature Scale

Celsius vs Newton.

Celsius scaleNewton scaleDescription
0 ºC0 ºNFreezing Point of water
0.01 ºC-0.00033 ºNTriple point of water
27 ºC8.91 ºNNormal temperature of the room
37 ºC12.21 ºNNormal temperature of the human
100 ºC33 ºNBoiling point of the water

How to convert Celsius to Newton

Example:- How to convert 25 celsius to Newton?

solution:-step by step solve celsius to Newton.

Step 1:- Newton = Celsius x 0.3300

Step 2:- Newton = 25 x 0.3300 = 8.250

Step 3:- 25 celsius (°C) = 8.250 Newton (°N)

25 degrees celsius is equal to 8.250 Newton Scales.

Celsius to Newton Temperature Scale Table.

Celsius scaleNewton scale
-50 ºC-16.5 ºN
-40 ºC-13.2 ºN
-30 ºC-9.9 ºN
-20 ºC-6.6 ºN
-10 ºC-3.3 ºN
1 ºC0.3300 ºN
2 ºC0.6600 ºN
3 ºC0.9900 ºN
4 ºC1.3200 ºN
5 ºC1.6500 ºN
6 ºC1.9800 ºN
7 ºC2.3100 ºN
8 ºC2.6400 ºN
9 ºC2.9700 ºN
10 ºC3.3000 ºN
11 ºC3.6300 ºN
12 ºC3.9600 ºN
13 ºC4.2900 ºN
14 ºC4.6200 ºN
15 ºC4.9600 ºN
16 ºC5.2800 ºN
17 ºC5.6100 ºN
18 ºC5.9400 ºN
19 ºC6.2700 ºN
20 ºC6.600 ºN
21 ºC6.9300 ºN
22 ºC7.2600 ºN
23 ºC7.5900 ºN
24 ºC7.9200 ºN
25 ºC8.25 ºN
26 ºC8.5800 ºN
27 ºC8.9100 ºN
28 ºC9.2400 ºN
29 ºC9.5700 ºN
30 ºC9.9 ºN
35 ºC11.55 ºN
40 ºC13.2 ºN
50 ºC16.5 ºN
60 ºC19.8 ºN
70 ºC23.1 ºN
80 ºC26.4 ºN
90 ºC29.7 ºN
95 ºC31.3500 ºN

How to use Celsius to Newton conversion calculator?

If you want to convert Celsius to Newton (C to N), enter the Celsius value in the input field and then click calculate button you get the answer in Newton scale.

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