Celsius to Reaumur Converter

Want to convert from Celsius to Reaumur(convert ºC to °Ré)? Use this calculator. You can also see the formula used to convert from Celsius to Reaumur.



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Celsius to Reaumur conversion

Conversion of celsius to Reaumur temperature scale, simply multiply by 0.8 in Celsius scale, For example, to convert 450 degrees celsius to Reaumur, you can simply multiply by 0.8 in 450 degrees celsius, 0.8 x 450 = 360, the answer is that 450 celsius is equal to 360 Reaumur.

B.P and F.P of Celsius and Reaumur.

The Celsius scale is 0 degrees for the F.P of water and 100 degrees for the B.P of water. The Reaumur temperature scale is based on 0 degrees for the freezing point of water and 80 degrees for the boiling point of water.

Formula of Celsius to Reaumur

  • °Ré = ºC x 0.8
  • °Ré = Reaumur Temperature
  • ºC = Celsius Temperature

Celsius vs Reaumur.

-273.15 ºC-218.52 °RéAbsolute zero temperature
0 ºC0 °RéFreezing Point of water
0.01 ºC0.008 °RéTriple point of water
27 ºC21.6 °RéNormal temperature of the room
37 ºC29.6 °RéNormal temperature of the human
100 ºC80 °RéBoiling point of the water

Relation between celsius and the Reaumur scale.

Celsius scale is equal to Reaumur in 5/4 x R and Reaumur is equal to Celsius in 4/5 x C.

  • Celsius(C) / 5 = Reaumur (R) / 4
  • Reaumur (R) = 4/5 x Celsius (C) = 0.8 x Celsius
  • Celsius (C) = 5/4 x Reaumur (R) = 1.25 x Reaumur

How to convert Celsius to Reaumur scale?

Example.1:- How to convert 25 celsius to Reaumur?

solution:-step by step solve celsius to Reaumur.

Step 1:- Reaumur = Celsius x 0.8

Step 2:- Reaumur = 25 x 0.8 = 20

Step 3:- 25 celsius (°C) = 20 Reaumur (°Ré)

25 degrees celsius is equal to 20 Reaumur Scales.

Example.2:- How to convert 30 celsius to Reaumur?

solution:-step by step solve celsius to Reaumur.

Step 1:- Reaumur = Celsius x 0.8

Step 2:- Reaumur = 30 x 0.8 = 24

Step 3:- 30 celsius (°C) = 24 Reaumur (°Ré)

30 degrees celsius is equal to 24 Reaumur Scales.

Celsius to Reaumur Table.

Celsius scaleReaumur scale
-50 ºC-40 °Ré
-40 ºC-32 °Ré
-30 ºC-24 °Ré
-20 ºC-16 °Ré
-10 ºC-8 °Ré
1 ºC0.8 °Ré
2 ºC1.6 °Ré
3 ºC2.4 °Ré
4 ºC3.2 °Ré
5 ºC4 °Ré
6 ºC4.8 °Ré
7 ºC5.6 °Ré
8 ºC6.4 °Ré
9 ºC7.2 °Ré
10 ºC8 °Ré
11 ºC8.8 °Ré
12 ºC9.6 °Ré
13 ºC10.4 °Ré
14 ºC11.2 °Ré
15 ºC12 °Ré
16 ºC12.8 °Ré
17 ºC13.6 °Ré
18 ºC14.4 °Ré
19 ºC15.2 °Ré
20 ºC16 °Ré
25 ºC20 °Ré
30 ºC24 °Ré
35 ºC28 °Ré
40 ºC32 °Ré
50 ºC40 °Ré
60 ºC48 °Ré
70 ºC56 °Ré
80 ºC64 °Ré
90 ºC72 °Ré

How to use Celsius to Reaumur conversion calculator?

If you need to perform conversions between celsius and Reaumur, you’ve come to the right place! Enter the number into the input field, then click the button. You will be presented with the result in the result box.

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