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Free online square centimeters calculator – Enter the L and w in terms of cm, mm, inch, km, ft and yd to find out the area measured in square cm and also the cost of the area.

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What is a square centimeters calculator?

The square centimeter calculator measures an area in centimeters so it’s called the square centimeters area. This sq cm calculator is used to determine the area of rectangles. If a shape has an area of one square cm, it can be said to be a 1 sq cm area.

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Square centimeters Formula

The formula for calculating the square centimeters is

SCM = L * W

  • SCM = Square centimeters
  • L = Length of a rectangle in centimeters
  • W = Width of a rectangle in centimeters

Square centimeters = length(centimeters) x width(centimeters)

If you calculate the total cost area then used this formula:-

Total cost Area = Area in Square centimeters * Price per square centimeters

How do you calculate square centimeters?

Measure the length in centimeters and breadth in centimeters then multiply the length and breadth but if the length and breadth are not in cm then first convert in centimeters and then multiply.

Centimeters to square cm table.

centimetersSquare centimeters (cm²)
1 cm1*1 = 1 cm²
10 cm10*10 = 100 cm²
20 cm20*20 = 400 cm²
30 cm30*30 = 900 cm²
40 cm40 *40 = 1600 cm²
50 cm50*50 = 2500 cm²
60 cm60*60 = 3600 cm²
70 cm70*70 = 4900 cm²
80 cm80*80 = 6400 cm²
90 cm90*90 = 8100 cm²
100 cm100*100 = 10000 cm²

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