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Calculate words with ease using our free online word calculator. Quickly count the number of words, characters, and sentences in your text and improve your writing skills.

What is the Word Calculator Tool

Calculatorway provides free online word calculator tools to help you count a character, words and sentences. This word count tool gives you accurate word and character count results.

Online word calculator tools are used to count words in your blog posts, articles, books, text messages, scripts, stories, essays, and more. They are used by bloggers, authors, students, copywriters, journalists, and editors. these tools are used for checking the word count of the written text.

How to use this online word calculator

Easy to use this word calculator tool online first you write in a text-area box. you get all calculated values in another box and second type just copy from MS Word, pdf and Notepad word and then paste in the proper text-area field and you get all calculated values within a second

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