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Free online amp hours to watt-hours (Ah to Wh) calculator – simply enter Amp-hours and Volts then click the calculate button.

Amp Hours to Watt Hours Formula

To convert ah to wh, you can use the following formula

Wh = Ah x v

  • Wh = kilowatt-hour
  • Ah = Ampere-hour
  • V = Voltage in volts

How to Calculate Amp Hours to Watt Hours?

To calculate amp-hours to watt-hours, you need to multiply the amp-hours by the voltage of the battery.

For example, if you have a battery with a voltage of 12 volts and 3 amp hours, the watt hours would be 12 x 3, or 36 watt hours.

Ah to Wh Conversion Table

Amp-HoursWh at 12VWh at 24VWh at 36V
1 Ah12 Wh24 Wh36 Wh
1.5 Ah18 Wh36 Wh54 Wh
2 Ah24 Wh48 Wh72 Wh
3 Ah36 Wh72 Wh108 Wh
4 Ah48 Wh96 Wh144 Wh
5 Ah60 Wh120 Wh180 Wh
10 Ah120 Wh240 Wh360 Wh
15 Ah180 Wh360 Wh540 Wh
20 Ah240 Wh480 Wh720 Wh
30 Ah360 Wh720 Wh1080 Wh
40 Ah480 Wh960 Wh1440 Wh
50 Ah600 Wh1200 Wh1800 Wh
100 Ah1200 Wh2400 Wh3600 Wh
150 Ah1800 Wh3600 Wh5400 Wh
200 Ah2400 Wh4800 Wh7200 Wh
250 Ah3000 Wh6000 Wh9000 Wh
300 Ah3600 Wh7200 Wh10800 Wh
350 Ah4200 Wh8400 Wh12600 Wh
400 Ah4800 Wh9600 Wh14400 Wh
500 Ah6000 Wh12000 Wh18000 Wh
550 Ah6600 Wh13200 Wh19800 Wh
600 Ah7200 Wh14400 Wh21600 Wh
650 Ah7800 Wh15600 Wh23400 Wh
700 Ah8400 Wh16800 Wh25200 Wh
750 Ah9000 Wh18000 Wh27000 Wh
800 Ah9600 Wh19200 Wh28800 Wh

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