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Amps to Kilovolt-Amps

Amps (A) and kilovolt-amps (kVA) are units of measurement for electrical power, but they are not directly convertible as they measure different quantities. Amps measure the electrical current flowing through a circuit, while kVA measures the apparent power, which is the product of the voltage and current in a circuit.

Amp to KVA For 1-Phase System

  • kVA = (A x V) / 1000
  • KVA = kVA is the apparent power in kilovolt-amps
  • A = A is the current in amps
  • V = V is the voltage in volts.

How to Solve Amps to KVA

Example 1:- An electrical system that operates at 240 volts. The system has a current of 20 amps. To find the KVA of the system.

kVA = (A x V) / 1000

kVA = (20 A x 240 V) / 1000 kVA = 4.8

Therefore, the KVA of the System is 4.8 kVA.

Amps to KVA Conversion for (1-Phase System) Table

CurrentKVA at 220VKVA at 240VKVA at 260V
10 amps2.2 KVA2.4 KVA2.6 KVA
20 amps4.4 KVA4.8 KVA5.2 KVA
30 amps6.6 KVA7.2 KVA7.8 KVA
40 amps8.8 KVA9.6 KVA10.4 KVA
50 amps11 KVA12 KVA13 KVA
60 amps13.2 KVA14.4 KVA15.6 KVA
70 amps15.4 KVA16.8 KVA18.2 KVA
80 amps17.6 KVA19.2 KVA20.8 KVA
90 amps19.8 KVA21.6 KVA23.4 KVA
100 amps22 KVA24 KVA26 KVA


How many KVA is 30 amps?

If the voltage is 120 volts then 30 amps is equal to:
30 amps x 120 volts = 3,600 VA or 3.6 KVA
You would need to use a different calculation if the voltage is different.

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