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Free online course handicap calculator – calculate your golf course handicap, Simple enter the Handicap index, slope rating, course rating and course par then click the button.

Course handicap formula

The formula for calculating a course handicap is as follows:

CH = HI x(SR / 113 ) + (CR – par)


  • CH = Course handicap
  • HI = Handicap index = The handicap index is a measure of a player’s potential ability
  • SR = Slope rating = slope rating indicates the relative difficulty of a course for different levels of players
  • CR = Course rating
  • Par = number of strokes a golfer
  • The number 113 is a constant representing the standard slope rating.

How to Calculate Course Handicap?

To calculate a course handicap, you need to know the player’s handicap index and the course’s slope rating

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Determine the player’s handicap index
  2. Obtain the course’s slope rating:
  3. Use the following formula to calculate the course handicap: Course Handicap = (Handicap Index x Slope Rating) / 113
  4. Round the course handicap to the nearest whole number to obtain the final value.

Solved Example

Example: let’s say a player has a handicap index of 12.2 and is playing on a course with a slope rating of 128:

Course Handicap = (12.2 x 128) / 113 = 13.84

Rounding the course handicap to the nearest whole number gives a final value of 14.

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