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Cylinder Volume:

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What is cylinder volume?

The volume of a cylinder is a measurement of the space inside the cylindrical shape. It can be calculated by multiplying the circular base’s area by the cylinder’s height.

cylinder volume

Math formula

The formula for the volume of cylinder,

V = πr²h

  • V represents the volume of a cylinder
  • π (pi) = mathematical constant = 3.14159
  • r denotes the radius of the base
  • h represents the height of the cylinder.

How to calculate the volume of a cylinder?

To calculate the volume,

  1. find the area of the circular base by squaring the radius and multiplying it by pi = πr².
  2. Then multiply the result by the height of the cylinder = πr² * h
  3. The volume of a cylinder is expressed in cubic units such as cm³, m³, and ft³

Example – If a cylinder has a radius of 4 centimeters and a height of 18 centimeters, then calculate the volume of a cylinder

volume of cylinder = πr² * h = π4² * 18 = 904.78 cm³

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