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Mean Absolute Error (MAE) Formula

The formula for mean absolute error (MAE) is as follows:

MAE = (1/n) * Σ|Ai – Pi|

  • MAE = mean absolute error
    Σ = summation operator
    Pi = predicted value for the ith observation
    Ai = observed value(Actual Value) for the ith observation
    n = number of observations

How to calculate mean absolute error?

To calculate the Mean Absolute Error (MAE) for a predictive model, follow these steps:

Step 1: Collect Data: Gather the dataset with the true (actual) values of the target variable and the predicted values obtained from your model.

Step 2: Calculate Absolute Errors:
Absolute Error = |Observed value – Predicted value|

Step 3: Sum the Absolute Errors: Add up all the absolute errors obtained in the previous step to get the total sum of absolute errors.

Step 4: Calculate the Mean: Divide the total sum of absolute errors by the number of data points (n) to get the Mean Absolute Error.

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