Sxx Syy Sxy Calculator for Linear Regression in Statistics


Free online Sxx Syy Sxy calculator for linear regression – Calculate the Sxx, Syy, and Sxy values in statistics with our efficient and user-friendly calculator. Get accurate results for your statistical analysis.

The formula of Sxx, Syy and Sxy in linear regression

In linear regression, the formulas for Sxx, Syy and Sxy for data set in statistics

Sum of squares of the dependent variable (Syy):
Syy = Σ(y – ȳ)²

Sum of squares of the independent variable (Sxx):
Sxx = Σ(x – x̄)²

Sum of cross-products (Sxy):
Sxy = Σ(x – x̄)(y – ȳ)


  • Σ denotes the sum of all data points.
  • x represents the observed values of the independent variable.
  • y represents the observed values of the dependent variable.
  • x̄ is the mean (average) of the independent variable.
  • ȳ is the mean (average) of the dependent variable.

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