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The formula for Sxx in linear regression

In linear regression, the formula for calculating the sum of squares of the date set (Sxx) is:

Sxx = Σ(xi – x̄)²

  • Sxx = Sum of squared deviations from the mean of x
  • Xi = Each data value
  • x̄ = Mean (average) of x

How to calculate Sxx in statistics

To calculate Sxx (the sum of squares of the x value) in linear regression, you need the following steps:

Step 1: Calculate the mean (average) of the x:

  • Add up all the individual values of the x.
  • Divide the sum (x1 +x2 +x3 …..xn) by the total number of values (xn).

Step 2: For each individual value of the x, subtract the mean and square the result:

  • Take each value of the x(let’s call it xi).
  • Subtract the mean (x̄) from xi.
  • Square the result obtained.

Step 3: Add all the squared differences obtained from Step 2:

  • Add the squared differences

The final result will be the sum of squares of the x values (Sxx).


What is Sxx in linear regression?

In the context of linear regression, “Sxx” refers to the sum of squared deviations of the independent variable (X) from its mean.

What is the equation for Sxx in statistics?

The equation for calculating Sxx depends on a sample of the date.
Sxx = Σ(xi – x̄)^2

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