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 Free online mg to ml Calculator allows you to easily convert milligrams (mg) to milliliters (ml) for various substances such as water, milk and cooking oil, also a density(mg/ml) option.

What is the milligrams to milliliters calculator?

A mg to ml calculator is a simple tool that allows you to convert milligrams (mg) to milliliters (ml). This can be useful when you’re measuring medication or other small amounts.

Converting milligrams (mg) to milliliters (ml) depends on the density of the substance you are measuring.

This tool used density value for the substance 

For water:- 1000 mg/ml

For Milk:- 1030 mg/ml

For Cooking oil:-  916 mg/ml

For other:- 1000mg/ml(same as water density)

Mg to Ml Formula

  • Ml = mg / D
  • Ml = milliliters
  • Mg = milligrams
  • D = Density

How to calculate mg to ml?

For example:- If you have 500 mg of a liquid with a density of 1.2 mg/ml, you can convert it to milliliters as follows:

Milliliters = milligrams/density

ml = 500 mg / 1.2 mg/ml

ml = 416.67 ml

So, 500 mg of a liquid with a density of 1.2 mg/ml is equal to 416.67 ml

mg to ml table

Weight in mg and volume(ml) in different substances.

WeightFor WaterFor MilkFor Cooking oil
10 mg0.010000 ml0.009709 ml0.010917 ml
50 mg0.050000 ml0.048544 ml0.054585 ml
100 mg0.100000 ml0.097087 ml0.109170 ml
200 mg0.200000 ml0.194175 ml0.218341 ml
300 mg0.300000 ml0.291262 ml0.327511 ml
400 mg0.400000 ml0.388350 ml0.436681 ml
500 mg0.500000 ml0.485437 ml0.545852 ml
600 mg0.600000 ml0.582524 ml0.655022 ml
700 mg0.700000 ml0.679612 ml0.764192 ml
800 mg0.800000 ml0.776699 ml0.873362 ml
900 mg0.900000 ml0.873786 ml0.982533 ml
1000 mg1.0 ml0.970874 ml1.091703 ml
1500 mg1.50 ml1.456311 ml1.637555 ml

How to use this calculator

To use the calculator, simply enter the amount of milligrams and select the substance that you want to convert, and then click on the “Calculate” button.

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