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Want to know how to calculate the area of a square? If you need help, check out the area of a square calculator

Square side length:

Area of Squareside²00

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Area of a square

The square has four equal sides, and each side has a length of s. So the area of the square is s squared or s².

A square is just a rectangle that is perfectly square. It can be a square of any size

Area of a square formula:-

Area of a square = (side)² = a² meter²


Example.1:-Square side length = 20 cm, find the area of a square

Area of a square = (side)² = (20)² = 400 cm²

Table of all square calculations 

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How to use this area of a square calculator

Enter only the square side length value in the proper input field and then click the calculate button, you get an area of a square in the answer box. if you want another value then first clear the input value then enter a new value in the proper input field

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