Population Density Calculator

Population density:

Calculate population density instantly with our easy-to-use Population Density Calculator. Simply input the total population and land area and then click the calculate button.

Population density formula

The formula for calculating population density is:

PD = TP / LA

  • PD = Population density
  • TP = Total Population
  • LA = Land Area – (unit – square km, square miles)

How to calculate population density?

To calculate population density,

Here are the steps to calculate population density:

  1. Determine the total population
  2. Determine the land area – as square kilometers (km²) or square miles (mi²).
  3. Divide the total population by the land area

Solved example

Example – What is the population density of a city which is spread over 25 square meters and has a population of 50,000?

Given values,

  • Population = 50,000
  • Land Area = 25 km²

Put all values into formula

PD = Total population/land area in a square unit

Population Density = 50,000 / 25 = 2,000 people per km²

Population density of a town = 2,000 people per km².

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