Reaumur to Rankine Converter

If you want to convert °Ré to ºR use this tool Reaumur to Rankine Converter, Just enter the temperature in Reaumur and the result will be in Rankine.



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Reaumur to Rankine (convert °Ré to ºR)

Calculatorway provides a free online Reaumur to Rankine conversion tool, you just entered temperature in Reaumur, and you will get an answer in the Rankine temperature scale in the answer box.

The Reaumur to rankine conversion is a conversion between two different temperature scales. The Reaumur scale is used in countries that are part of the imperial system, while the rankine scale is used in countries that are part of the metric system. Both scales are used to measure temperature.

Reaumur to Rankine formula 

  • ºR = °Ré x 2.2500 + 491.67
  • °Ré = Reaumur temperature scale
  • ºRa = Rankine temperature scale

How to convert from Reaumur to Rankine temperature scale?

Example.1:-Reaumur = 45°Ré, Rankine = ?

solve:-ºR = °Ré x 2.2500 + 491.67

ºR = ºR x 5 / 4 + 273.15

ºR = 592.92

∴ 45 Reaumur (°Ré) = 592.92 Rankine (ºRa)

Reaumur to Rankine Temperature Table

-100 °Ré266.67 ºR
-50 °Ré379.17 ºR
0 °Ré491.67 ºR
1 °Ré493.92 ºR
5 °Ré502.92 ºR
10 °Ré514.17 ºR
20 °Ré536.67 ºR
21.6 °Ré540.27 ºR
25 °Ré547.92 ºR
29 °Ré556.92 ºR
29.6 °Ré558.27 ºR
30 °Ré559.17 ºR
40 °Ré581.67 ºR
50 °Ré604.17 ºR
60 °Ré626.67 ºR
70 °Ré649.17 ºR
80 °Ré671.67 ºR
90 °Ré694.17 ºR
100 °Ré716.67 ºR
500 °Ré1616.67 ºR

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