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Looking to calculate your stock profits? A stock profit calculator can help you determine the potential return on your investments.

Stock Profit Formula

The formula used to calculate the profit on a stock investment is:

Stock Profit = [(S * N) – C] – [(B * N) + C]


  • S = Sell Price is the price at which you sold the stock
  • B = Buy Price is the price at which you bought the stock
  • N = Number of shares you bought/sold
  • C = Commission is the fee charged by your broker for buying/selling the stock

How to Calculate Stock Profit

To calculate stock profit you need to know a few things first

  1. how much did you buy the stock
  2. how much are you selling the stock
  3. number of shares bought
  4. What is the commission rate of the stock
  5. then you can calculate stock profit using the above formula

Solved Example

example:- suppose you bought 100 shares of XYZ company for $50 per share and later sold those shares at $75 per share and the commission rate of the broker is 5%. Then your stock profit would be:

Given values,

  • Stock Profit = $2375
  • Net Selling Price = $7425
  • Net Buying Price = $5050

put all values in the formula
Stock Profit = [(S * N) – C] – [(B * N) + C]

Stock profit of $2375 from your investment in the XYZ company.

How to use a stock profit calculator

This is a free online stock profit calculator Simply enter your stock details and then click the calculate button and you get a Stock profit, net buying price and net selling price

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