Feet to Pixels Converter

Convert feet to pixels with our free and accurate online ft to px calculator. Simply input the length in feet and instantly see the equivalent pixel value.



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How to convert feet to pixels?

Here’s the general process to convert feet to pixels:

  1. Determine the pixel density (PPI) of the display or image, for example – 96 dpi – standard Full HD monitor pixel density
  2. Find the number of feet: for example – 5 ft, 2*3 ft
  3. Convert feet to pixels: Number of pixels = (Number of feet * 12 inches/foot) * Pixel Density (PPI)

For conversion of feet to pixels unit scale, multiply by dpi/ppi(96 resolution) into feet and again multiply by 12. You get values in pixels

Feet to pixels formula

PX = ft * dpi/ppi * 12

  • px = pixels
  • ft = feet
  • dpi = dots per inch
  • ppi = pixels per inch

Feet to pixels Conversion Table.

0.1 ft115.20 px0.25 ft288 px
0.5 ft576 px0.75 ft864 px
1 ft1152 px1.5 ft1728 px
2 ft2304 px2.5 ft2880 px
3 ft3456 px3.5 ft4032 px
4 ft4608 px4.5 ft5184 px
5 ft5760 px5.5 ft6336 px
6 ft6912 px6.5 ft7488 px
7 ft8064 px7.5 ft8640 px
8 ft9216 px8.5 ft9792 px
9 ft10368 px9.5 ft10944 px
10 ft11520 px15 ft17280 px
20 ft23040 px25 ft28800 px
30 ft34560 px35 ft40320 px
40 ft46080 px45 ft51840 px
50 ft57600 px60 ft69120 px
70 ft80640 px80 ft92160 px
90 ft103680 px100 ft115200 px