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How to convert pixels to feet?

Here’s the general process to convert pixels to feet:

  1. Determine the pixel density (PPI) of the display or image, for example – 96 dpi – standard Full HD monitor pixel density
  2. Find the number of pixels: for example – 6912 px, 3456 px
  3. Convert pixels to feet: Number of feet = (Number of pixels) / (Pixel Density (PPI) * 12 )

Pixels to feet formula

FT = PX / (dpi * 12)

  • px = pixels
  • ft = feet
  • dpi = dots per inch


A monitor has a display with a width of 1920 pixels and a pixel density of 96 PPI then calculate width in feet

Number of feet = 1920 pixels / (96 PPI * 12)
Number of feet = 1920 pixels / 1152
Number of feet = 1.6667 feet

So, a display with a width of 1920 pixels and a pixel density of 96 PPI would be approximately 1.6667 feet wide.

Pixels to feet table.

1 px0.00087 ft2 px0.00174 ft
3 px0.00260 ft4 px0.00347 ft
5 px0.00434 ft6 px0.00521 ft
7 px0.00608 ft8 px0.00694 ft
9 px0.00781 ft10 px0.00868 ft
20 px0.01736 ft30 px0.02604 ft
40 px0.03472 ft50 px0.04340 ft
60 px0.05208 ft70 px0.06076 ft
80 px0.06944 ft90 px0.07813 ft
100 px0.08681 ft150 px0.13021 ft
200 px0.17361 ft250 px0.21701 ft
300 px0.26042 ft350 px0.30382 ft
400 px0.34722 ft416 px0.36111 ft
450 px0.39063 ft500 px0.43403 ft
550 px0.47743 ft600 px0.52083 ft
650 px0.56424 ft700 px0.60764 ft
742 px0.64410 ft750 px0.65104 ft
800 px0.69444 ft850 px0.73785 ft
900 px0.78125 ft950 px0.82465 ft
1000 px0.86806 ft1560 px1.35417 ft
1920 px1.66667 ft2400 px2.08333 ft
3456 px3 ft3600 px3.12500 ft
3900 px3.38542 ft4800 px4.16667 ft