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What is a Pixel?

A pixel is a unit of measure in graphic design, video display, and web design (HTML). In graphic design, pixels are used to measure the size of an image. A pixel is equivalent to one dot in a grid. The number of pixels per inch (PPI) is known as resolution.

Pixels to Inches formula

to convert pixels to inches formula

Inches = Pixels / Resolution (PPI / DPI)

  • PPI = Pixels per inch
  • DPI = Dots per inch

How to Convert Pixels to Inches?

  • First, Determine the pixel values
  • Next, determine the resolution (eg – 96 dpi, 200 dpi, 300 dpi)
  • Finally, the pixel divided by the resolution

Solved Example

Example – to convert 1350 pixels to inches

solution:-step by step solve 1350 px to inches

Step 1:-Inches = Pixels / Resolution (PPI or DPI)

Step 2:-Inches = 1350 / 96(let PPI = 96) = 14.0625

Step 3:-1350 px = 14.0625 in

1350 Pixels is equal to 14.0625 Inches

Pixels to Inches table

px to inches conversion table at resolution 96 dpi.

1 px0.01041 in11 px0.11458 in
2 px0.02083 in12 px0.125 in
3 px0.03125 in13 px0.13541 in
4 px0.04166 in14 px0.14583 in
5 px0.05208 in15 px0.15625 in
6 px0.0625 in16 px0.16666 in
7 px0.07291 in17 px0.17708 in
8 px0.08333 in18 px0.1875 in
9 px0.09375 in19 px0.19791 in
10 px0.10416 in20 px0.20833 in

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