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Want to convert pixels to inches? This simple calculator pixels to inches converter is easy to use it, the formula of px to inches: – Inch = px/resolution.



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Pixels to inches conversion

Conversion of pixels(px) to Inches Unit scale, simply divide by 96Resolution (PPI or DPI), For example, to convert 1056Pixels to Inches, you can simply divide by 96, 1056/96 = 11Inches, the answer is that 1056px is equal to 11inches.

What is a Pixel?

A pixel is a unit of measure in graphic design, video display, and web design (HTML). In graphic design, pixels are used to measure the size of an image. A pixel is equivalent to one dot in a grid. The number of pixels per inch (PPI) is known as resolution.

If you want to put an image whose dimensions are 1024px by 768px at the centre of your webpage, you would need to set its width to 768px and its height to 1024px. if we convert these numbers into inches, it will be equal to 8INCH x 10.667INCH.

Formula of Pixels to Inches conversion

  • Inches = Pixels / Resolution (PPI / DPI)
  • PPI = Pixels per inch
  • DPI = Dots per inch

How to Convert Pixels to Inches?

Example.1:-How to convert 1350 Pixels to Inches?

solution:-step by step solve 1350 px to inches

Step 1:-Inches = Pixels / Resolution (PPI or DPI)

Step 2:-Inches = 1350 / 96(let PPI = 96) = 14.0625

Step 3:-1350 px = 14.0625 in

1350 Pixels is equal to 14.0625 Inches

Example.2:-How to convert 3000 Pixels to Inches?

solution:-step by step solve 3000 px to inches

Step 1:-Inches = Pixels / Resolution (PPI or DPI)

Step 2:-Inches = 3000 / 96(let PPI = 96) = 31.25

Step 3:-3000 px = 31.25 in

3000 Pixels is equal to 31.25 Inches

Pixels to Inches Conversion table (Resolution = 96).

50 px0.5208 inches80 px0.8333 Inches96 px1 inches
100 px1.0417 inches120 px1.25 inches140 px1.4583 inches
160 px1.6667 inches180 px1.875 inches200 px2.0833 inches
220 px2.2917 inches240 px2.5 inches250 px2.604 inches
260 px2.7083 inches280 px2.9167 inches300 px3.125 inches
320 px3.333 inches340 px3.542 inches350 px3.646 inches
360 px3.75 inches380 px3.958 inches400 px4.167 inches
420 px4.375 inches440 px4.583 inches450 px4.6875 inches
460 px4.792 inches480 px5 inches500 px5.208 inches
520 px5.417 inches540 px5.625 inches560 px5.833 inches
580 px6.042 inches600 px6.25 inches620 px6.458 inches
580 px6.042 inches600 px6.25 inches620 px6.458 inches
640 px6.667 inches660 px6.875 inches680 px7.083 inches
700 px7.292 inches720 px7.5 inches740 px7.708 inches
750 px7.813 inches760 px7.917 inches780 px8.125 inches
800 px8.333 inches820 px8.542 inches840 px8.75 inches
850 px8.854 inches860 px8.958 inches880 px9.167 inches
900 px9.375 inches920 px9.583 inches940 px9.792 inches
950 px9.896 inches960 px10 inches980 px10.208 inches
1000 px10.417 inches1020 px10.625 inches1040 px10.833 inches
1050 px10.938 inches1060 px11.042 inches1080 px11.25 inches
1200 px12.5 inches1220 px12.708 inches1240 px12.917 inches
1250 px13.02 inches1260 px13.125 inches1280 px13.333 inches
1300 px13.542 inches1320 px13.75 inches1340 px13.958 inches
1350 px14.063 inches1360 px14.167 inches1380 px14.375 inches
1400 px14.583 inches1420 px14.792 inches1440 px15 inches
1450 px15.104 inches1460 px15.208 inches1480 px15.417 inches
1500 px15.625 inches1520 px15.833 inches1540 px16.042 inches
1550 px16.146 inches1600 px16.667 inches1700 px17.71 inches
1800 px18.75 inches1900 px19.79 inches2000 px20.833 inches
3000 px31.25 inches4000 px41.67 inches5000 px52.08 inches

How to use Pixels to Inches conversion calculator?

To change the pixel to inches unit, enter the value in the pixels value in the input field. Once you have entered a valid value for px, click on “convert” and the answer will display in the Answer Box.

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