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Inches to Pixels formula

  • Pixels = Inches * Resolution (PPI / DPI)
  • PPI = Pixels per inch
  • DPI = Dots per inch

How to Convert Inches to Pixels

Conversion of Inches to Pixels(PX) Unit scale, simply multiply by 96 Resolution (PPI or DPI), then you get values in pixels

Example 1: How to convert 8.5 Inches to Pixels?

solution:-step by step solve 8.5 Inch to Px

Step 1:-Pixels = Inches * Resolution (PPI or DPI)

Step 2:-Pixels = 8.5 * 96(let PPI = 96) = 816

Step 3:-8.5 inch = 816 px

8.5 Inches is equal to 816 Pixels

Example 2: How to convert 2.5 Inches to Pixels?

solution:-step by step solve 2.5 inches to pixel

Step 1:-Pixels = Inches * Resolution (PPI or DPI)

Step 2:-Pixels = 2.5 * 96(let PPI = 96) = 240

Step 3:-2.5 inch = 240 px

2.5 Inches is equal to 240 Pixels

Inches to Pixels Table.

Inches to pixels conversion chart at resolution 96 dpi

0.5 inch48 px1 inch96 px1.5 inch144 px
2 inch192 px2.5 inch240 px3 inch288 px
3.5 inch336 px4 inch384 px4.5 inch432 px
5 inch480 px5.5 inch528 px6 inch576 px
6.5 inch624 px7 inch672 px7.5 inch720 px
8 inch768 px8.5 inch816 px9 inch864 px
9.5 inch912 px10 inch960 px10.5 inch1008 px
11 inch1056 px11.5 inch1104 px12 inch1152 px
12.5 inch1200 px13 inch1248 px13.5 inch1296 px
14 inch1344 px14.5 inch1392 px15 inch1440 px
15.5 inch1488 px16 inch1536 px16.5 inch1584 px
17 inch1632 px17.5 inch1680 px18 inch1728 px
18.5 inch1776 px19 inch1824 px19.5 inch1872 px
20 inch1920 px20.5 inch1968 px21 inch2016 px
21.5 inch2064 px22 inch2112 px22.5 inch2160 px
23 inch2208 px23.5 inch2256 px24 inch2304 px
24.5 inch2352 px25 inch2400 px25.5 inch2448 px
26 inch2496 px26.5 inch2544 px27 inch2592 px
27.5 inch2640 px28 inch2688 px28.5 inch2736 px
29 inch2784 px29.5 inch2832 px30 inch2880 px
30.5 inch2928 px31 inch2976 px31.5 inch3024 px
32 inch3072 px32.5 inch3120 px33 inch3168 px
33.5 inch3216 px34 inch3264 px34.5 inch3312 px
35 inch3360 px35.5 inch3408 px36 inch3456 px
36.5 inch3504 px37 inch3552 px37.5 inch3600 px
38 inch3648 px38.5 inch3696 px39 inch3744 px
39.5 inch3792 px40 inch3840 px40.5 inch3888 px
41 inch3936 px41.5 inch3984 px42 inch4032 px
42.5 inch4080 px43 inch4128 px43.5 inch4176 px
44 inch4224 px44.5 inch4272 px45 inch4320 px
45.5 inch4368 px46 inch4416 px46.5 inch4464 px
47 inch4512 px47.5 inch4560 px48 inch4608 px
48.5 inch4656 px49 inch4704 px50 inch4800 px

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