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Free online Em to Px converter – Use our free online tool to effortlessly convert Em values to Pixels units, Just enter Em values and select base font size then click the calculate button

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EM to Pixels Formula

  • PX = EM * Font Size
  • px = pixels
  • font size = 16 px (base values)

How to convert from em to px?

Conversion of em to px(pixels) scale, simply multiply by 16px(Base font – size = 16px) then you get value in pixels

Some Examples-

Example1:-How to convert 0.8em to px?

solution:-step by step solve Em to px

Step 1:-px = em * font-size(Base = 16px)

Step 2:-Pixels = 0.8 * 16 = 12.8

Step 3:-0.8em = 12.8px

0.8em is equal to 12.8px

Example2:-How to convert 1.17em to px?

solution:-step by step solve em to px

Step 1:-px = em * font-size(Base = 16px)

Step 2:-Pixels = 1.17 * 16 = 18.72

Step 3:-1.17em = 18.72px

1.17em is equal to 18.72px

Em to Px Table(Base font-size = 16px)

0.1 em1.6 px0.5 em8 px
1 em16 px1.1 em17.6 px
1.2 em19.2 px1.3 em20.8 px
1.4 em22.4 px1.5 em24 px
1.6 em25.6 px1.7 em27.2 px
1.8 em28.8 px1.9 em30.4 px
2 em32 px2.1 em33.6 px
2.2 em35.2 px2.3 em36.8 px
2.4 em38.4 px2.5 em40 px
2.6 em41.6 px2.7 em43.2 px
2.75 em44 px2.8 em44.8 px
2.9 em46.4 px3 em48 px
3.1 em49.6 px3.2 em51.2 px
3.3 em52.8 px3.4 em54.4 px
3.5 em56 px3.6 em57.6 px
3.7 em59.2 px3.8 em60.8 px
3.9 em62.4 px4 em64 px
5 em80 px6 em96 px
7 em112 px8 em128 px
9 em144 px10 em160 px

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