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Centimeters to Pixels Formula

To convert cm to pixels you can use the following formula

PX = CM x Resolution (PPI / DPI) / 2.54

  • PPI = Pixels per inch
  • DPI = Dots per inch
  • CM = Centimeter
  • PX = Pixels

How to Converter CM to Pixels

  • First, Determine the centimeters values
  • Next, determine the resolution (eg – 96 dpi, 200 dpi, 300 dpi)
  • Finally, put all values into the above formula

Solved Example

Example:– How many pixels in 150 centimeters?

solution:-step by step solve 150 centimeters to pixels

Step 1:-pixels = (Centimeters * Resolution) / 2.54

Step 2:-pixels = (150 * 96) / 2.54 = 5669.2913

Step 3:-150 cm = 5669.2913 pixels

150 cm is equal to 5669.2913 pixels

Cm to Px Conversion table (Resolution = 96)

1 cm37.795 px1.5 cm56.692 px
2 cm75.590 px2.5 cm94.488 px
3 cm113.385 px3.5 cm132.283 px
4 cm151.181 px4.5 cm170.078 px
5 cm188.976 px5.5 cm207.874 px
6 cm226.771 px6.5 cm245.669 px
7 cm264.566 px7.5 cm283.464 px
8 cm302.362 px8.5 cm321.259 px
9 cm340.157 px9.5 cm359.055 px
10 cm377.952 px10.5 cm396.850 px
11 cm415.7480 px11.5 cm434.645 px
12 cm453.543 px12.5 cm472.440 px
13 cm491.338 px13.5 cm510.236 px
14 cm529.133 px14.5 cm548.031 px
15 cm566.929 px15.5 cm585.826 px
16 cm604.724 px16.5 cm623.622 px
17 cm642.519 px17.5 cm661.417 px
18 cm680.314 px18.5 cm699.212 px
19 cm718.110 px19.5 cm737.007 px
20 cm755.905 px30 cm1133.858 px
40 cm1511.811 px50 cm1889.763 px

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