PPM to Molarity Calculator

Free online ppm to molarity calculator – determine the molarity of a substance in solution, Simply enter the ppm value and the molar mass then click the calculate button.

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PPM to Molarity Formula

To convert from ppm to molarity, you can use the following formula

M = (PPM *0.001) / MW

  • M = Molarity
  • PPM = Parts per million
  • MW = Molar mass of the substance (g/mol)

How to convert PPM to Molarity?

Here are the steps to convert ppm to molarity

  1. First, calculate the ppm of the solution
  2. Second, Calculate the molecular weight(molar mass) of the substance for which you want to convert ppm to molarity
  3. finally, put values into the formula and calculate the molarity

Solved Example

Example – A solution of 200 ppm of a substance with a molecular weight of 40 g/mol then calculate molarity


Given- parts per millions = 200 ppm, Molecular Weight = 40 g/mol

Molarity = (200 * 0.001) / 40 = 0.005 M

so, the molarity of the solution is 0.005 M

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