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Molarity to pH Formula

To convert molarity to pH, you can use the formula for calculating the pH of a solution

pH = -log(M)

Where M is the molarity of the solution in moles per liter (mol/L)

How to Convert Molarity to pH?

Step by Step solved molarity to ph scale

  • Determine the molarity (M) of the solution
  • Put Molarity values above the formula

For example, if the molarity is 0.001 M then calculate pH value.

pH = -log(0.001) = 3

So, The pH of the solution would be 3

Molarity to pH Table

0.00001 M5 ph0.0001 M4 ph
0.001 M3 ph0.01 M2 ph
0.1 M1 ph1.1 M-0.041 ph
1.2 M-0.079 ph1.3 M-0.114 ph
1.4 M -0.146 ph1.5 M -0.176 ph
1.6 M-0.204 ph1.7 M-0.230 ph
1.8 M-0.255 ph1.9 M-0.279 ph
2 M-0.301 ph2.5 M-0.398 ph
3 M -0.477 ph3.5 M-0.544 ph
4 M-0.602 ph4.5 M-0.653 ph
5 M-0.699 ph10 M-1 ph

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