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What is molarity?

Molarity is a term frequently used in chemistry, and it refers to the concentration of a solution. It is expressed as the number of moles of solute per liter of solution. 

it is denoted by the symbol “M” and is typically expressed in units of mol/L or M.

Molarity varies with temperature due to changes in the volume of the solution.

1 Mmolar solution
0.1 Mdecimolar solutin
0.5 Msemimolar solution

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Molarity Formula

M = n / v(L)

M = w * 1000 / m.wt * v (ml)

  • M = Molarity
  • n = number of moles of solute
  • w = mass of solute ( in grams)
  • m.wt = Molecular weight of solute
  • v = volume of solution

How to Calculate Molarity

You need to know the number of moles and volume of the solute added to the solvent. simply divide the number of moles by the volume in liters to get molarity.

Solved Example

Example:- 10 moles of sodium chloride (NaCl) in 5 liters of water, the molarity of the resulting solution would be:

M = no of moles/volume in liters

Number of moles of sodium chloride = 10 moles

Volume of solution = 5 Liters

Molarity (NaCl) = 10 moles / 5 L = 2 M

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