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Mole fraction calculator to find a mole fraction mixture of gas you get the instant value of the mole fraction of solute and solvent.

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What is the mole fraction?

The mole fraction of a gas in a gas mixture is the number of moles of that gas divided by the total number of moles of all the gases in the mixture. A mole fraction is denoted by the symbol “χ” and is expressed as a decimal or a fraction.

The mole fraction is always less than one.

Mole fraction formula

The formula for calculating the mole fraction is as follows:
Mole fraction (χ) = Moles of Component / Total Moles of Mixture

  • Mole fraction of solute(XA) = nA / nA + nB
  • Mole fraction of solute(XB) = bB / nA + bB
  • XA + BB = 1

How to calculate the mole fraction?

Example:- what is the mole fraction of o2 in a sample with 1.25 grams ch4, 45.2 g n2, and 13.4 g o2?

We first need to determine the number of moles of each component

  • Molar mass of CH4 = 12 + 4 *1 = 16 g/mol
  • Molar mass of N2 = 2*14 = 28 g/mol
  • Molar mass of O2 = 2 *16 = 32 g/mol

The molar masses of CH4, N2, and O2 to convert the given masses into moles

  • Number of moles of CH4 = 1.25 / 16 = 0.0781 mol
  • Number of moles of N2 = 45.2 / 28 = 1.614 mol
  • Number of moles O2 = 13.4 / 32 = 0.418 mol
  • Total moles = moles of CH4 + moles of N2 + moles of O2
  • Total moles = 0.0781 mol + 1.614 mol + 0.418 mol = 2.1101 mol
  • Mole fraction of O2 = moles of O2 / total moles
  • Mole fraction of O2 = 0.418 mol / 2.1101 mol ≈ 0.198

The mole fraction of O2 in the given sample is approximately 0.198.

How to use this mole fraction calculator

calculatorway provides a free online mole fraction calculator. calculate the mole fraction of the solute and solvent, First entered the mole of the solute in the proper input field and entered the mole of the solvent in the input field then click calculate button you get the mole fraction of the solute and solvent.

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